Captains are the backbone of the District's management.  They supervise the firefighters or functional areas of the Fire District.  When a fire truck arrives at an incident, it's usually a captain that is directing the initial actions of the firefighters on-scene.

Station 1

108 Urton Lane (502)-245-7555

1st Platoon Captain Brian Lukee

2nd Platoon Captain David Noe

3rd Platoon Captain David McFarland

Fire Prevention Division Captain Tony Hairgrove

Workforce Development Division Captain Ron Maddux

Station 2

10217 Shelbyville Road (502)-429-6777

1st Platoon Captain Sean Taylor

2nd Platoon Captain Chad Keep

3rd Platoon Captain John Wheatley

3rd Platoon Captain Andy Downes

Support Services Captain Kevin Catlett

Station 3

13012 Factory Lane (502) 243-8555

1st Platoon Captain Jamie Fackler

2nd Platoon Captain Jamie Caudill

3rd Platoon Captain Jason McCutchen