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News Events (updated January, 2017)

St. Luke's Fire Department Visit

We had a Fantastic Time Training with the St. Luke Preschool Kids!!!

Recently Retired Bretheren!

Thank You

Major Darryl Rhodes (23yrs) & Captain Bob Tolson (26yrs)

for all your of service!

Your Skill and Knowledge will be greatly missed.

Brotherhood Forever!!!

Our Training Facility has had a New Addition! This will increase our ability to do "Live Fire Training"

Thank You

Tony's Wrecker Service

for your help in making this happen!


{ Our Fleet Has Expanded }

Say Hello to 9955

( AKA: The Double Nickel )


We Have Adopted a New Strategic Plan!

Click HERE to view

Middletown Fire Protection District

Insurance Services Office

$ ISO Class 1 Rating $

As of September 1, 2015 The Middletown Fire District was awarded a Class 1 rating from ISO (Insurance Services Office). ISO rates over 48,000 fire departments nationwide, out of these only 105 departments are rated as a Class 1 Department. We are very proud to be one of those receiving this Class 1 rating.

$ How this affects your insurance cost $

Most insurance companies use fire departments ISO rating to calculate premiums for your homeowners insurance. Before receiving our Class 1 rating on September 1 st, Middletown had a Class 3 rating. So, call your insurance agent and tell them to check and make sure your premiums are calculated using our Class 1 rating.

"Ever wondered what it would be like to be a firefigher? Then check out the Middletown Junior Firefighter Program.  This program is for young men and women between the ages of 15 and 18.  We meet every Tuesday evening from 6:30-9pm during the school year and 6:30 -10pm during the summer.  

For more information about the Middletown Junior Firefighter program, please contact Chief Jeffery Riddle via or call us at 245-7555

Also check out our Junior Firefighter Facebook page!!!

Who Wants S'mores?

We all enjoy a good campfire, but before you strike a match make sure you are following the rules! Click HERE for information regarding open burning, and campfires in the Middletown District.

Flying a Flag?

Be in the know with where on the pole it should fly. Click HERE for information about this.













About Us

Our History
Our People
Our Apparatus

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Want to become a Volunteer Firefighter?

A new class is coming up soon. Click to contact Training for more information.

About Us

Our History
Our People
Our Apparatus


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Living Room Fire Progression

Get out, and Stay out! That is the one thing to take away from this video. You can always replace material objects but no one can replace you!

Click HERE to see the video clip.

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